In this parts identification segment, we will be discussing air springs. Commonly known as air bags, air springs or air cushions.

Air Springs can come in multiple sizes, with different mounting configurations and different types of rubber. It is important to know these specifications when it comes down to replacing your air bag. The right information will get you the right air bag, every time.

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Cab Air Bag Identification

The easy way to know which cab air bag you need is to look at the tag on top. Unfortunately, with various climates, rust and salt, that tag will disappear rather quickly.

Without your tag, you may be able to discover the correct air spring is by knowing the last 8 of the VIN number and/or the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Our team at A-1 Truck Parts can help you find the correct part number, just contact our team with the information.

A big difference between air spring cushions is their mounting configurations. On cab air springs, you may find a little small pin, little air stud mounting or push lock fittings. When purchasing a new air bag, knowing your mounting configuration is critical in knowing it will fit correctly.

Truck Air Bag Identification

A popular feature on a truck air bag is the mounting bracket, which will mount onto the frame. A lot of the newer airbags will come with this mounting bracket. If you notice your air spring has this bracket, it will be important to know the center-to-center measurement of the mounting holes.

A truck air bag will also have a top mount configuration.You will also want to know the size of your mounting stud (air stud.) The bottom mount on these springs could be a single stud or four stud with a plastic or metal base.

Somewhere on the bag’s rubber surface, there will be a smooth surface called the “machined surface”. In this area, there will be a part number to help determine what type of rubber is needed.

It’s important to know which particular features you need your air bag to need, and will make a big difference when purchasing a new one.

Axle Lift Air Bag

Same as in the air ride cab bag and the truck air bag, when searching for a new axle lift bag, it’s also important to know the mounting stud type and center-to-center distance on base. You must also be aware of the air stud configuration on the top. Whether it’s one in the middle and/or it’s offset with another stud on the side.

In the same way as before, it will be important to know from the smooth surface of the rubber. Otherwise, we rely on the paper tags on the top plate of the air spring. Which we said as before can be the first thing to go thanks to climate.

We recommend writing that part number down when you purchase a new air bag. Put it in the glove box, put it with your information, put it parts file, but write down the part number.

Ride Air Spring Identification

A ride air spring will have different mounting studs and configurations than we mentioned previously. You will need to know the center-to-center distance between the mounting studs on the top of the base. On the mounting base, you may have a hole or stud mounting. Some air bags will have both hole and stud mounting configurations and can work in either. If it has a hole mounting configuration, you will want to know the center-to-center measurements.

The material of the base is also a crucial factor when determining the correct air bag. The drive springs may have a plastic or metal base. You will also want to measure the depth of the base (the piston) 

Remember, the right information will get you the right air bag every time.


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