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Full Flow Crankcase Ventilation Synthetic Breather Filter, 8.07" | WS10148 WIX



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When highly pressurized combustion gases are blown by the piston rings and into the crankcase, this is commonly referred to as ¿¿¿Blow-By¿¿¿. This process can heavily contaminate the gases making them unfit for release into the atmosphere as a system exhaust. A Crankcase Ventilation System (CCV) routes the gases through a filtering process to purge them of oil residue and other contaminates before they are either recirculated back into the combustion process or released into the air.

Product Specifications
  • Style: Crankcase Ventilation Filter
  • Service: Breather
  • Type: Full Flow
  • Media: Synthetic
  • Height: 8.07
  • Outer Diameter Top: 4.13
  • Outer Diameter Bottom: 3.89
  • Inside Diameter Top: 0.973
  • Inside Diameter Bottom: 0.93


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