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Full Flow Spin-On Fuel/Water Seperator Filter, 8.125" | WF10059 WIX



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WIX HD Fuel Water separator filters feature an enhanced cellulose silicone treated media or a new generation full synthetic media that provides excellent contaminant holding capacity for super clean fuel and water removal. High strength, corrosion resistant cans, center tubes, and end caps with superior sealing components ensure a leak resistant, long lasting, high performing fuel water separator filter. Some models feature a water drain port with a threaded plug or patented self-venting drain valve for efficient water purging as needed.

Product Specifications
  • Style: Spin-On Fuel/Water Separator Filter
  • Service: Fuel
  • Media: Full Flow
  • Height: 8.125
  • Outer Diameter Top: 4.28
  • Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
  • Thread Size: 1-14
  • Beta Ratio: 2/75=3/9
  • Burst Pressure-PSI: 200
  • Nominal Micron Rating: 3
  • Filter Area: 913
Principle Application Various Cummins, Hitachi, Kawasaki - has self-venting drain - for standard drain, use 33405


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