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Electromagnetic Fan Clutch for Caterpillar C7 | Kit Masters 226611

Kit MastersSKU: KF02-226611



Kit Masters’ electromagnetic fan clutches have been engineered with a stronger, more precise magnetic flux, which provides consistent engagement throughout the entire life of the friction material.

Magnetic Flux

    MAGNETIC FLUX is the force that engages an electromagnetic fan clutch.
    The amount of magnetic flux required increases as the friction material wears. Competitor’s designs have enough magnetic flux when the friction is new, but not when the friction is worn, which results in slipping and eventual failure.
Designed to Last Longer
    Kit Masters has engineered a stronger, precisely targeted magnetic flux that remains effective throughout the entire life of the friction material.
    Our R&D department operated these fan clutches in an environment that rigorously tests the number of engagements & disengagements before failure. Kit Masters’ electromagnetic fan clutches lasted more than TWICE as long as the competitor!
Industry-Best Warranty
    Every Kit Masters electromagnetic fan clutch is backed by Kit Masters’ rock-solid, unmatched 2 year / 200,000 mile warranty.
Replaces OEM Park #: 996611, 986611, 00116017

Proposition 65 Warning

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