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1.1" 4-LED 2 Head White / White Concealed Warning Light, Pop In Mount | ECCO 9022CC



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  • The 9022 is a high-intensity directional LED warning light specifically designed for vehicle headlight and tail-light applications. The optic design produces wide angle light dispersion and maximizes secondary light output reflected off the vehicle light casing. In addition, the LEDs’ low profile allows mounting in small, confined light casings typical of tail lights and modern vehicle headlights. The LED design offers major advantages over strobe versions. All control electronics are situated in a sealed, in-line driver module so no remote power supply is required. 16 flash patterns are included and multiple units can be synchronized to flash alternately or simultaneously.
  • Data Sheet - 9031 Series

Technical Information:

  • Directional Type: 4 LEDs 2 Head
  • Length: 1.1"
  • Color: Dual Color, White / White
  • Amps: 0.5
  • Flash Pattern: 16 Patterns, including Single, Double, Triple, Quad, Deci, and Cyle All
  • Mount: Pop In
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Bezel Included
Product Condition: New

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