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95 PSI 16" Rubber Cat Eye Tire Pressure Monitoring System | Link 6095AA00

Tramec SloanSKU: SL02-3910



With just a glance, the Cat’s Eye TPMS makes it easy to see if your dual tires are under-inflated. The bright yellow “eye” opens up slightly if the tire pressure falls below the recommended pressure setting. When the eye is completely open, the pressure has dropped significantly and needs immediate attention.

According to Goodyear, under inflation is the number one cause of tire failure. If the pressure in your duals is not the same, the diameter of the tires will differ. Since duals are bolted together, the smaller tire will be dragged. With just a 5% difference in PSI, the smaller tire will be dragged 13 feet every mile. That reduces MPG and increases the risk of a tire blowout.


1 Check Point - 1 Fill Point
    Cat’s Eye TPMS allows drivers to quickly and easily see if there is a potential safety hazard from under-inflated tires. The single airing point fills both tires at once and allows air transfer from one tire to the other, equalizing the pressure in both tires. An internal check valve provides added safety by preventing both tires from going flat in the event of leak or blowout.
Long Lasting Durable Finish
    Built with a fog resistant dome and non-corrosive materials that will withstand harsh environments and retain functionality.
Weather Protected
    The gauge is sealed to prevent internal or external water entry and is not affected by vibration or shock.

Technical Information

  • Package Quantity: 2
  • PSI: 95
  • Material: Rubber
  • Single/Dual Tire: Dual
  • Length: 16"

Proposition 65 Warning

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